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Impact Investing in Healthcare

Corporate Health Pain Points
Employers are stuck in a healthcare system that doesn’t work

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Poor employee experience

Time-consuming process and broken healthcare flow.

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service gaps

Complex reimbursements and inefficient administrative costs.

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Escalating costs without a direct link to care outcomes.

Corporate Health Complex
Complex processes and regulations are time-consuming and costly

Optimize your investment returns

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The choice is yours

With Prixa, you are free to select the best partners suitable for you. Prixa provides a wide range of healthcare services to corporates, including claims administration, benefits management, and health care concierge services. This platform brings all services into one ecosystem, allowing you to measure and grow your investment efficiently.

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Healthy and satisfied employees

With materials are written in Bahasa Indonesia and English, desktop and mobile tools that drive smart engagement, and concierge support people can depend on.

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Cost control-based analytic approach

With Prixa, you will not need to get unnecessary treatment. Predictive analytics helps you obtain the health services you need while also balancing your budget.

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HR team performance improvement

HR does not need to spend much time managing various data. The management that Prixa offers helps the team work more efficiently.

A comprehensive health solution integrated in one ecosystem


We have big ideas on how to improve your healthcare experience. We navigate for better corporate health benefits to take care of your employees.

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