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Better Experience
Productive Employees

Access to insurance products is complex

Many people in Indonesia do not completely comprehend and have access to health insurance. Prixa is here to simplify the process in an easy-to-understand way so that you can get the most comprehensive protection and have optimal health benefits according to your needs.


Everything you need to know is in your hand

On our mobile application, you can get access to various health services, including teleconsultation with doctors, lab tests, diagnostics, pharmacy delivery, the redemption of drug prescriptions, and hospital referrals.


No need to worry when an error occurs

You can contact our team directly via phone or online chat. We'll make sure you get the answers you need


Choose, wisely

You don't have to spend a lot of energy to understand the medical speak. All information has been translated into simple language so you can choose the benefits that you really want.

Integration Process 

API or web-based integration that is easy to integrate with client applications/websites (whitelabelled). The website can also be accessed by all clients no apps or non website


A comprehensive health solution integrated in one ecosystem

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We have big ideas on how to improve your healthcare experience. We navigate for better corporate health benefits to take care of your employees.

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